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The Future of RTCM Correction Data

  • Centimeter precision location and nano second accurate timing service has always been the dream of mankind, in today's intelligent era, more services will rely on high-precision location and timing service. It has broad prospects in the fields of autonomous driving, geodetic surveying, map producing, autonomous construction, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) logistics, unmanned farm, virtual reality, augmented reality and deformation monitoring.
  • RTCM is still the most convenient way to get the centimeter accuracy of location. Centimeter accuracy industry account for 100 billion USD business worldwide.
  • Nowadays, RTCM correction data is only locked by government institutions and private companies. Or you need to setup a base station by yourself. it doesn't scale, and not applicable sometimes.


Why Blockchain

 It is "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way". For use as a distributed ledger, a blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for inter-node communication and validating new blocks. --wikipedia

  • You can get RTCM data more easily than ever. it's isolated and protected only by few big networks today.
  • Freedom, easy access, privacy and security are our guiding principles, and we build them into our system at every level.
  • All the raw data is archived through IPFS using the bloackchain technology.
  • All the services are based on pay as you go mode. you don't stick to any annual plan. 
  • All the service nodes are freely seen before you use. you can check health,datum, service level history, baseline, raw measurements quality, etc.


How the RTCM data are streamed and stored

  • Data Source: The Geobee node (gnss raw measurements receivers) serves as a mining machine and receives satellite navigation observations to form a data source. Through the registration in network, a qualified miner node will be identified and examined by the system, and only miners whose data sources are of acceptable quality will be rewarded. The reward is the number of PAS tokens. Each node has a blockchain address. Each data source node is therefore a globally unique identifier.
  • Data Processing and streaming: The network receives data distributed around the world. All the miner can be sorted and searched in blockchain transactions. All the raw data are archived through IPFS protocol, which again built on the blockchain distributed file system. Anyone can hook to any miner station or gnss base station as long as he pays some token for the real time streaming service. It happened automatically through blockchain smart contract or transactions. So the end user just connects to the nearest mount point and pay the token. That’s it. 
  • Token economy: Each miner is a recipient of TOKEN reward. Each miner will receive a different number of tokens by continuously providing a source of data. The network will reward miners extra token for continuity and long-term stability. Over time, more nodes are able to maintain long term stability. Therefore, the generation, use and consumption of tokens form a closed loop. 

Building Blocks


Proved GNSS receivers from leading companies

Tersus gnss  receivers Geobee are equipped with the build-in blcokchain capabililites. it works as mining machine in RTCM data. Any brand receivers can work with the blockchian SDK, easily connect to the blcokchain.

Network based base station coordinates computation

Every base station's coordinates are calculated carefully using leading software packages. To ensure they are form in same frame continuously.

Real time network statistics

Every node, every connection are shown in network, but anonymously. 

User base VRS

User base VRS means the network error model are computed locally by the rover side software APP or plug-in. In this way, it reduce the network workload.

ubiquitous service

Based on the network coverage in the world,  user can have the same level of service and SLA.

300+ node are running in the network

Based on the test bed, 300+ nodes are running, network RTK and VRS are testing now.


peer to peer rtcm streaming

easy to hook with network and start the data streaming worldwide anytime. we hope to establish 10000 base stations

yearly raw data archived

due to low cost distributed file system, data could be stored securely and permanently. any user can access to the database by paying some tokens. 

proof of your Location

GNSS signal are vulnerable of spoofing, how to prove where you are can be a big challenge in daily use. We can use the Network to authenticate users's location based on patent-pending technology.

existing private network migration

If you are running private RTK correction data service. just send a copy to the network, you will get the rewards!

network redundancy

due to distributed network and fail over design philosophy. it can achieve high grade resilience such as Network RTK.

concurrent sessions

session number is scaled based on usage. it doesn't have bottleneck at all.

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